Climax Keyless Locking Device H2C-012-S H2C-018-S H2C-025-S need bearings FACTORY

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Spot bearing model table, Model substitution Cross-reference Brand model reference Model substitution Substitute Bearing interchange Bearing brand replacement Model replace

2S002 Stafford H2C-012-S
2S003 Stafford H2C-018-S
2S004 Stafford H2C-025-S
2S005 Stafford H2C-031-S
2S006 Stafford H2C-037-S
2S007 Stafford H2C-043-S
2S008 Stafford H2C-050-S
2S009 Stafford H2C-056-S
2S010 Stafford H2C-062-S
2S011 Stafford H2C-068-S
2S012 Stafford H2C-075-S
2S013 Stafford H2C-081-S
2S014 Stafford H2C-087-S
2S015 Stafford H2C-093-S
2S100 Stafford H2C-100-S
2S101 Stafford H2C-106-S
2S102 Stafford H2C-112-S
2S103 Stafford H2C-118-S
2S104 Stafford H2C-125-S
2S105 Stafford H2C-131-S
2S106 Stafford H2C-137-S
2S107 Stafford H2C-143-S
2S108 Stafford H2C-150-S
2S109 Stafford H2C-156-S
2S110 Stafford H2C-162-S
2S111 Stafford H2C-168-S
2S112 Stafford H2C-175-S
2S113 Stafford H2C-181-S
2S114 Stafford H2C-187-S
2S115 Stafford H2C-193-S
2S200 Stafford H2C-200-S
2S201 Stafford H2C-206-S
2S202 Stafford H2C-212-S
2S203 Stafford H2C-218-S
2S204 Stafford H2C-225-S
2S205 Stafford H2C-231-S
2S206 Stafford H2C-237-S
2S207 Stafford H2C-243-S
2S208 Stafford H2C-250-S
2S209 Stafford H2C-256-S
2S210 Stafford H2C-262-S
2S211 Stafford H2C-268-S
2S212 Stafford H2C-275-S
2S213 Stafford H2C-281-S
2S214 Stafford H2C-287-S
2S215 Stafford H2C-293-S
2S300 Stafford H2C-300-S
2S404 Stafford H2C-425-S
2S407 Stafford H2C-443-S
2S408 Stafford H2C-450-S
2S415 Stafford H2C-493-S
2S500 Stafford H2C-500-S
2S508 Stafford H2C-550-S
2S515 Stafford H2C-593-S
2S600 Stafford H2C-600-S
2SC100 Boston H2C-100
2SC106 Boston H2C-106
2SC112 Boston H2C-112
2SC118 Boston H2C-118
2SC125 Boston H2C-125
2SC131 Boston H2C-131
2SC137 Boston H2C-137
2SC143 Boston H2C-143
2SC150 Boston H2C-150
2SC156 Boston H2C-156
2SC162 Boston H2C-162
2SC168 Boston H2C-168
2SC175 Boston H2C-175
2SC187 Boston H2C-187
2SC193 Boston H2C-193
2SC200 Boston H2C-200
2SC212 Boston H2C-212
2SC218 Boston H2C-218
2SC225 Boston H2C-225
2SC237 Boston H2C-237
2SC243 Boston H2C-243
2SC25 Boston H2C-025
Mfr. Part # Mfr. Climax Part #
2SC250 Boston H2C-250
2SC262 Boston H2C-262
2SC268 Boston H2C-268
2SC275 Boston H2C-275
2SC287 Boston H2C-287
2SC293 Boston H2C-293
2SC300 Boston H2C-300
2SC31 Boston H2C-031
2SC37 Boston H2C-037
2SC43 Boston H2C-043
2SC50 Boston H2C-050
2SC56 Boston H2C-056
2SC62 Boston H2C-062
2SC68 Boston H2C-068
2SC75 Boston H2C-075
2SC81 Boston H2C-081
2SC87 Boston H2C-087
2SC93 Boston H2C-093
2SM040 Stafford M2C-40-S
2SM045 Stafford M2C-45-S
2SM050 Stafford M2C-50-S
2SM055 Stafford M2C-55-S
2SM060 Stafford M2C-60-S
2SM065 Stafford M2C-65-S
2SM070 Stafford M2C-70-S
2SM075 Stafford M2C-75-S
2SM080 Stafford M2C-80-S
2SSC100 Boston H2C-100-S
2SSC106 Boston H2C-106-S
2SSC112 Boston H2C-112-S
2SSC125 Boston H2C-125-S
2SSC131 Boston H2C-131-S
2SSC143 Boston H2C-143-S
2SSC150 Boston H2C-150-S
2SSC187 Boston H2C-187-S
2SSC193 Boston H2C-193-S
2SSC200 Boston H2C-200-S
2SSC25 Boston H2C-025-S
2SSC31 Boston H2C-031-S
2SSC37 Boston H2C-037-S
2SSC43 Boston H2C-043-S
2SSC50 Boston H2C-050-S
2SSC56 Boston H2C-056-S
2SSC62 Boston H2C-062-S
2SSC68 Boston H2C-068-S
2SSC75 Boston H2C-075-S
2SSC87 Boston H2C-087-S
 34LM004P2 Stafford MC-04-Z
34LM005P2 Stafford MC-05-Z
 34LM006P2 Stafford MC-06-Z
34LM008P2 Stafford MC-08-Z
34LM010P2 Stafford MC-10-Z
34LM012P2 Stafford MC-12-Z
 34LM014P2 Stafford MC-14-Z
34LM015P2 Stafford MC-15-Z
 34LM016P2 Stafford MC-16-Z
34LM018P2 Stafford MC-18-Z
34LM020P2 Stafford MC-20-Z
34LM025P2 Stafford MC-25-Z
34LM030P2 Stafford MC-30-Z
34LM035P2 Stafford MC-35-Z
34LM040P2 Stafford MC-40-Z
34LM045P2 Stafford MC-45-Z
34LM050P2 Stafford MC-50-Z
3L004 Stafford TC-025-28
3L005 Stafford TC-031-24
3L006 Stafford TC-037-24
3L008 Stafford TC-050-20
3L010 Stafford TC-062-18
3L012 Stafford TC-075-16
3L014 Stafford TC-087-14
 H3L100 Stafford TC-100-14
3L102 Stafford TC-112-12
 H3L104 Stafford TC-125-12
3L106 Stafford TC-137-12
 3L108 Stafford TC-150-12
3L112 Stafford TC-175-16
3L200 Stafford TC-200-12
3L204 Stafford TC-225-12
3S004 Stafford TC-025-28-S
3S005 Stafford TC-031-24-S
3S006 Stafford TC-037-24-S
3S008 Stafford TC-050-20-S
3S010 Stafford TC-062-18-S
 H3S012 Stafford TC-075-16-S
3S014 Stafford TC-087-14-S
3S100 Stafford TC-100-14-S
3S102 Stafford TC-112-12-S
3S104 Stafford TC-125-12-S
3S106 Stafford TC-137-12-S
3S108 Stafford TC-150-12-S
3S112 Stafford TC-175-16-S
3S200 Stafford TC-200-12-S
3S204 Stafford TC-225-12-S
4L004 Stafford TC-025-20
4L005 Stafford TC-031-18
4L006 Stafford TC-037-16
4L008 Stafford TC-050-13
4L010 Stafford TC-062-11
4L012 Stafford TC-075-10
 4L014 Stafford TC-087-09
4L100 Stafford TC-100-08
 4L102 Stafford TC-112-07
4L104 Stafford TC-125-07
 4L108 Stafford TC-150-06
4S004 Stafford TC-025-20-S
4S005 Stafford TC-031-18-S
4S006 Stafford TC-037-16-S
4S008 Stafford TC-050-13-S
4S010 Stafford TC-062-11-S
 H4S012 Stafford TC-075-10-S
4S014 Stafford TC-087-09-S
4S100 Stafford TC-100-08-S
4S102 Stafford TC-112-07-S
4S104 Stafford TC-125-07-S
4S108 Stafford TC-150-06-S
5EL008 Stafford SUA-050
5EL010 Stafford SUA-062
5EL012 Stafford SUA-075
5EL014 Stafford SUA-087
 5EL100 Stafford SUA-100
5EL102 Stafford SUA-112
5EL104 Stafford SUA-125
5ES008 Stafford SUA-050-S
 H5ES010 Stafford SUA-062-S
5ES012 Stafford SUA-075-S
5ES014 Stafford SUA-087-S
5ES100 Stafford SUA-100-S
5ES102 Stafford SUA-112-S
5ES104 Stafford SUA-125-S
5L004004 Stafford CC-025-025
5L004004F Stafford 2CC-025-025
5L006004 Stafford CC-037-025
5L006004F Stafford 2CC-037-025
5L006006 Stafford CC-037-037
5L006006F Stafford 2CC-037-037
5L008006 Stafford CC-050-037
5L008006F Stafford 2CC-050-037
5L008008 Stafford CC-050-050
5L008008F Stafford 2CC-050-050
5L008008FK Stafford 2CC-050-050-KW
5L008008K Stafford CC-050-050-KW
5L008008REM Stafford R2CC-050-050
5L010008 Stafford CC-062-050
 B5L010008F Stafford 2CC-062-050
5L010008FK Stafford 2CC-062-050-KW
 H5L010008K Stafford CC-062-050-KW
5L010010 Stafford CC-062-062
5L010010F Stafford 2CC-062-062
5L010010FK Stafford 2CC-062-062-KW
5L010010K Stafford CC-062-062-KW
5L010010REM Stafford R2CC-062-062
 5L012008 Stafford CC-075-050
5L012008F Stafford 2CC-075-050
5L012008FK Stafford 2CC-075-050-KW
5L012008K Stafford CC-075-050-KW
5L012010 Stafford CC-075-062
5L012010F Stafford 2CC-075-062
5L012010FK Stafford 2CC-075-062-KW
5L012010K Stafford CC-075-062-KW
5L012012 Stafford CC-075-075
5L012012F Stafford 2CC-075-075
5L012012FK Stafford 2CC-075-075-KW
5L012012K Stafford CC-075-075-KW
5L012012REM Stafford R2CC-075-075
5L014010 Stafford CC-087-062
5L014010F Stafford 2CC-087-062
5L014014 Stafford CC-087-087
5L014014F Stafford 2CC-087-087
5L014014REM Stafford R2CC-087-087
5L100012 Stafford CC-100-075
5L100012F Stafford 2CC-100-075
5L100012FK Stafford 2CC-100-075-KW
5L100012K Stafford CC-100-075-KW
5L100100 Stafford CC-100-100
5L100100F Stafford 2CC-100-100
5L100100FK Stafford 2CC-100-100-KW
5L100100K Stafford CC-100-100-KW
5L100100REM Stafford R2CC-100-100
5L102100 Stafford CC-112-100
5L102100F Stafford 2CC-112-100
5L102102 Stafford CC-112-112
5L102102F Stafford 2CC-112-112
5L102102REM Stafford R2CC-112-112
5L104100 Stafford CC-125-100
5L104100F Stafford 2CC-125-100
5L104100FK Stafford 2CC-125-100-KW
5L104100K Stafford CC-125-100-KW
5L104104 Stafford CC-125-125
5L104104F Stafford 2CC-125-125
5L104104FK Stafford 2CC-125-125-KW
5L104104K Stafford CC-125-125-KW
5L104104REM Stafford R2CC-125-125
5L106100 Stafford CC-137-100
5L106100F Stafford 2CC-137-100
5L106100FK Stafford 2CC-137-100-KW
5L106100K Stafford CC-137-100-KW
5L106106 Stafford CC-137-137
5L106106F Stafford 2CC-137-137
5L106106FK Stafford 2CC-137-137-KW
5L106106K Stafford CC-137-137-KW
5L106106REM Stafford R2CC-137-137
5L108100 Stafford CC-150-100
5L108100F Stafford 2CC-150-100
5L108100FK Stafford 2CC-150-100-KW
5L108100K Stafford CC-150-100-KW
5L108108 Stafford CC-150-150
5L108108F Stafford 2CC-150-150
5L108108FK Stafford 2CC-150-150-KW
5L108108K Stafford CC-150-150-KW
5L108108REM Stafford R2CC-150-150
5L112108 Stafford CC-175-150
5L112108F Stafford 2CC-175-150
5L112112 Stafford CC-175-175
5L112112F Stafford 2CC-175-175
5L112112FK Stafford 2CC-175-175-KW
5L112112K Stafford CC-175-175-KW
5L112112REM Stafford R2CC-175-175
5L200200 Stafford CC-200-200
5L200200F Stafford 2CC-200-200
5L200200REM Stafford R2CC-200-200
5LM006006 Stafford MISCC-06-06
5LM006006F Stafford 2MISCC-06-06
5LM008008 Stafford MISCC-08-08
5LM008008F Stafford 2MISCC-08-08
5LM009009 Stafford MISCC-09-09
5LM009009F Stafford 2MISCC-09-09
5LM010010 Stafford MISCC-10-10
5LM010010F Stafford 2MISCC-10-10
5LM012012 Stafford MISCC-12-12
5LM012012F Stafford 2MISCC-12-12
Mfr. Part # Mfr. Climax Part #
5LM014014 Stafford MISCC-14-14
5LM014014F Stafford 2MISCC-14-14
5LM015015 Stafford MISCC-15-15
5LM015015F Stafford 2MISCC-15-15
5LM016016 Stafford MISCC-16-16
5LM016016F Stafford 2MISCC-16-16
5LM018018 Stafford MISCC-18-18
5LM018018F Stafford 2MISCC-18-18
5LM020020 Stafford MISCC-20-20
5LM020020F Stafford 2MISCC-20-20
5LM025025 Stafford MISCC-25-25
5LM025025F Stafford 2MISCC-25-25
5LM030030 Stafford MISCC-30-30
5LM030030F Stafford 2MISCC-30-30
5LM035035 Stafford MISCC-35-35
5LM035035F Stafford 2MISCC-35-35
5LM040040 Stafford MISCC-40-40
5LM040040F Stafford 2MISCC-40-40
5LM045045 Stafford MISCC-45-45
5LM045045F Stafford 2MISCC-45-45
5LM050050 Stafford MISCC-50-50
5LM050050F Stafford 2MISCC-50-50
5S004004 Stafford CC-025-025-S
5S004004F Stafford 2CC-025-025-S
5S006004 Stafford CC-037-025-S
5S006004F Stafford 2CC-037-025-S
5S006006 Stafford CC-037-037-S
5S006006F Stafford 2CC-037-037-S
5S008006 Stafford CC-050-037-S
5S008006F Stafford 2CC-050-037-S
5S008008 Stafford CC-050-050-S
5S008008F Stafford 2CC-050-050-S
5S008008FK Stafford 2CC-050-050-SKW
5S008008K Stafford CC-050-050-SKW
5S010008 Stafford CC-062-050-S
5S010008F Stafford 2CC-062-050-S
5S010008FK Stafford 2CC-062-050-SKW
5S010008K Stafford CC-062-050-SKW
5S010010 Stafford CC-062-062-S
5S010010F Stafford 2CC-062-062-S
5S010010FK Stafford 2CC-062-062-SKW
5S010010K Stafford CC-062-062-SKW
5S012008 Stafford CC-075-050-S
5S012008F Stafford 2CC-075-050-S
5S012008FK Stafford 2CC-075-050-SKW
5S012008K Stafford CC-075-050-SKW
5S012010 Stafford CC-075-062-S
5S012010F Stafford 2CC-075-062-S
5S012010FK Stafford 2CC-075-062-SKW
5S012010K Stafford CC-075-062-SKW
5S012012 Stafford CC-075-075-S
5S012012F Stafford 2CC-075-075-S
5S012012FK Stafford 2CC-075-075-SKW
5S012012K Stafford CC-075-075-SKW
5S014010 Stafford CC-087-062-S
5S014010F Stafford 2CC-087-062-S
5S014014 Stafford CC-087-087-S
5S014014F Stafford 2CC-087-087-S
5S100012 Stafford CC-100-075-S
5S100012F Stafford 2CC-100-075-S
5S100012FK Stafford 2CC-100-075-SKW
5S100012K Stafford CC-100-075-SKW
5S100100 Stafford CC-100-100-S
5S100100F Stafford 2CC-100-100-S
5S100100FK Stafford 2CC-100-100-SKW
5S100100K Stafford CC-100-100-SKW
5S102100 Stafford CC-112-100-S
5S102100F Stafford 2CC-112-100-S
5S102102 Stafford CC-112-112-S
5S102102F Stafford 2CC-112-112-S
5S104100 Stafford CC-125-100-S
5S104100F Stafford 2CC-125-100-S
5S104100FK Stafford 2CC-125-100-SKW
5S104100K Stafford CC-125-100-SKW
5S104104 Stafford CC-125-125-S
5S104104F Stafford 2CC-125-125-S
5S104104FK Stafford 2CC-125-125-SKW

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